AUSTIN, Texas – Revio, a platform that enables a data driven approach to relationship management, announced its partnership with Tioga State Bank, a community bank headquartered in Spencer, New York. Revio helps community banks by uncovering unmet customer needs and empowers individual bankers by helping them identify, prioritize, and engage their clients. 


“The team at Tioga State Bank prides itself in offering personalized services and building close relationships with our clients. We pair that relationship approach with all of the convenience of digital and online services,” said Robert Fisher, President & CEO of Tioga State Bank. “Through the Revio partnership, we’ll be able to identify opportunities to better serve our clients and also ensure our services remain aligned with the needs of our customer.” 


Relationship banking is a key differentiator for the thousands of community banks serving communities across the country. Understanding both retail and commercial customer needs through analysis of core data helps community banks be more effective and efficient at meeting those needs. 


Revio’s platform helps banks understand which specific clients have an unmet need or are having needs met by external providers, which are higher cost in many cases. Equipped with a more detailed understanding, banks can engage their clients in a consultative approach to improve their financial services. Additionally, the insights are leveraged by bank leaders to make more informed decisions about which future products and services to offer. 


“Tioga State Bank is an industry leading community bank. We look forward to working with their bankers to help them leverage their bank’s data to gain better insights and build better customer relationships,” said Sanjay Bhaskar, Chief Revenue Officer at Revio. “Through a data-driven understanding of customer needs, their teams will be empowered to better serve their customers with the right financial products and services.”


In the competitive world of financial services, community banks stand out by offering superior customer service and great value to their clients, distinguishing themselves from larger banks and non-bank fintech companies. With their roots firmly planted in the local areas they serve, institutions such as Tioga State Bank deliver tailored services to individual customers and reinvest in their local communities.


About Revio

Revio is a customer insights platform that transforms complex bank data to identify actionable revenue and deposit growth opportunities. Revio’s insights enable efficient and effective relationship building based on the types of financial products and services your customers need and are already using. We help bankers grow their customer relationships and meet more of their customer’s financial services needs. To learn more, visit

Revio Supports Illinois Community Banking through CBAI Associate Membership