Today, Revio announced its associate membership with the Community Bankers Association of Illinois (CBAI), allowing it to expand its reach and provide community bankers in the state of Illinois with customer insights to deepen customer relationships, grow revenue, and increase deposits.


The mission of the CBAI is to provide its members a competitive edge by effectively aggregating political, economic, and marketing power. CBAI is dedicated to keeping community banks competitive for the benefit of their customers and the communities they serve through delivery of quality education, effective political representation, and essential products and services.


Revio’s insights, which are derived from analysis of core data, can be leveraged to identify opportunities to expand the business relationship and also to evaluate the need for new competitive products and services to win more client business. Together, these lead to improved engagement, customer experience, profitability, and revenue.


“Data-driven customer insights empower the ‘relationship channel’ for community banks, which furthers the relationship banking and personalized approach that differentiates them,” said Sanjay Bhaskar, Chief Revenue Officer at Revio. “Through our associate membership, we’re glad to be supporting a great community of bankers with our cutting edge analytics to help them identify opportunities to grow wallet share with clients, which improves the financial performance of the bank.”


Revio is already assisting Illinois community banks, including CBAI member’s CNB Bank & Trust and First Community Bank and Trust. The Revio team has extensive experience working with community banks across financial services, fintech, and data analytics. The company is an alumni of the ICBA ThinkTECH program, designed to hone technology solutions that are strategically aligned with the needs of community banks. The company is excited to bring its knowledge, experience, and best practices to Illinois banks and looks forward to helping community banks in the state remain competitive.


About Revio

Revio is a customer insights platform that transforms complex bank data to identify actionable revenue and deposit growth opportunities. Revio’s insights enable efficient and effective relationship building based on the types of financial products and services your customers need and are already using. We help bankers grow their customer relationships and meet more of their customer’s financial services needs. To learn more, visit

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