Hello, Revio.
The Trusted Partner for
Community Banks.

Our Mission

Revio is a customer insights platform that transforms complex bank data to identify actionable revenue and deposit growth opportunities. Revio’s insights enable efficient and effective relationship building based on the types of financial products and services your customers need and are already using. We help bankers grow their customer relationships and meet more of their customer’s financial services needs.

Revio is a revenue-enabling, customer-insights platform that transforms bank data into actionable insights and informs growth strategy for community banks to increase revenue and deposits.

Revio’s insights enable personalized engagement at scale, equipping marketers, relationship managers, sales teams, and executives with an understanding of where to invest efforts to achieve greater customer satisfaction, retention, and lifetime value.

Dedicated to your success

Revio’s team and culture are built upon passionate entrepreneurs, financial technologists, data engineers, and software developers dedicated to helping community banks achieve measurable growth with data-driven customer insights.