Republic Bank of Chicago Partners with Revio on Customer Growth


AUSTIN, Texas – Revio, a platform that delivers analytics and insights that enable community and regional banks to identify opportunities to grow their customer relationships, announced its partnership with Republic Bank of Chicago, a financial institution serving the greater Chicago metropolitan region. 


Revio is a sales and marketing enablement platform that helps banks optimize their customer engagement. By analyzing bank data using machine learning and data models, Revio helps banks to better understand their customer needs. Revio uncovers growth opportunities for both retail and commercial customers. The platform empowers sales teams, marketers, loan officers and relationship managers with insights that help them identify, prioritize, and take action on growth. 


“Republic Bank is forward thinking in their approach toward managing customer relationships,” said Brian Bauer, CEO of Revio. “They share our vision on how data can be leveraged to proactively serve customers better and we’re glad to be a partner in their customer growth journey.” 


In the highly competitive financial services industry, community and regional banks are poised to provide better customer service and excellent value to their clients in comparison to large financial institutions and non-bank fintech providers. Being located in the communities they serve, community banks like Republic Bank of Chicago provide personalized service to each unique customer and invest back into their communities.


About Revio


Revio is a customer growth platform that transforms complex bank data into actionable growth opportunities for community and regional banks. Revio’s insights enable efficient and effective relationship building based on the types of financial products and services your customers need and are already using. We help bankers grow their customer relationships and meet more of their customer’s financial services needs.

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